I have hunted at/with Delta Ridge for the past two years. Needless to say, my first time duck hunting was with Curt and that was all I needed for a new found passion for duck hunting. Watching Curt call in ducks is a real pleasure. The amount of action we had during both trips was unbelievable. This flyway will keep you shooting all day. Not only are the blinds huge, but the set up of each blind is both comfortable and accommodating to shoot from. Everything is taken care for you from the time you arrive to when you leave. Also, the Delta Ridge employees treat you with first class hospitality. Thanks again Curt for running a great guide service/outfit. See you again next year!!!

Tony “Two Mallard” Zabarac
Lilburn, GA

If your looking for a great place to duck hunt you won’t have to look any further than Delta Ridge Duck Guides. I have hunted with Curt for the past three seasons and have had excellent hunts with great hospitality. First rate duck blinds, calling, and one of the finest dogs you can ask for in a duck blind. Curt is a fun guy to hunt with and be around at the camp. There is a great sporting good store not far from the camp. We have limited out on most hunts killing many different types of ducks including mallards,teal, shovlers, widgeon, gadwall, and TONS of pintails. I would recommend Delta Ridge to any true duck hunter, a fun time with great rates. Cant wait till my next trip!

Ricky Dix
Locust Grove, GA

I have duck hunted in many parts of the country and I can truly state that the guides at Delta Ridge are more knowledgeable and call more ducks in consistently than any other guide service that I have used. In addition the variety of ducks that you have the opportunity of shooting is also more than any other. With that said the specialty at Delta Ridge is Pintails.

I have booked 4 hunts with Delta Ridge the last 2 years and have never been disappointed. The guides at Delta Ridge work very hard to insure that your hunting experience is the best possible.If you are looking for a great hunting experience then this one is for you, I highly recommend Curt Parker's Delta Ridge Duck Guide Service.

Fred Gibson
Milner, GA

I've hunted with Curt at Delta Ridge Duck Guides at least three times a year for the past three years and have never need disappointed! Lots of ducks, great guides, big comfortable blinds and most of all, Curt and his guides go out of their way to make sure you have a remarkable hunt! You have a chance at a variety of ducks and geese to shout at. There are so many pintails in this area, it's unreal! On most hunts there we've had to quit shooting pintails early because we limited out on them. Curt tries his best to make everyone feel at home at the camp and in the blind. If you truly want an enjoyable hunt, and one you will remember for a lifetime, call Delta Ridge Duck Guides! The last hunt for us in January 2011 we had 9 people in our group and at 8:30 am we headed back to camp with a 54 duck limit! What a hunt!
Thanks Curt, see ya'll in the fall!

Mike Hall
West Monroe, LA

I met Curt Parker, owner of Delta Ridge Duck Guides, about nine years ago. Since then we have had many a great hunts together. I make the drive to Louisiana two to three times a year to hunt with Curt at Delta Ridge, and it's not a bad drive to see ducks like you do there. Pintails are everywhere, mallards, widgeon, teal, just about any type of duck you want to shoot is there. You can't beat the price and the accommodations are top notch! Once you arrive at camp you don't even have to crank your truck to drive to any of the four pit blinds or four timber blinds they have, just leave the camp on the ATVs and go. You do want to drive your truck to Simmons Sporting Goods though! They have everything you might possibly need in a duck blind. If you are looking for a great place to hunt, that is very affordable, then give Delta Ridge a try. You won't be disappointed. You'll be amazed watching Curt on the DR-85 bring 'em in from way high to right on top of the blind, and cricket, his yellow lab, which is the best hunting lab I've ever seen, finish the job! See y'all in northeast LA!

Chris Smith
Milner, GA

I have been hunting with Cut'em Curt Parker and Delta Ridge Duck Guides now for over 10 years. Year after year there is always a success story, weather it's out of the green timber or in a rice field. As we all know, hunting is hunting and timing is crucial. It's hard to control mother nature and every experience is different, but at Delta Ridge if hunting is slow Curt has options and is geared towards pleasing all of his clients 100% of the time. If you want to have a pleasant hunting experience with someone who cares about their hunters, go see Cut'em Curt with Delta Ridge Duck Guides.

Brannen Wright
Williamson, GA
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